• 25/01/2021

Saudi German Hospital Jeddah performs life-saving surgery on a patient suffering from elephantiasis


Saudi German Hospital Jeddah successfully performed surgery on a 55-year-old man suffering from *elephantiasis with an enlarged testicle weighing over 40 kilograms and swelling in his legs, which affected his quality of life for the last four years. The surgery, which utilized the latest technology and advanced medical equipment, was led by Dr. Ihab Saad, Head of Surgery Department at Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah, and supported by a multidisciplinary team from the Urology, Plastic Surgery, and Anesthesiology departments.

Dr. Saad and his team of surgeons removed the testicular cyst in a groundbreaking surgery that lasted four hours. Post-surgery, the patient spent time in recovery to regain his health and strength to lead a normal life.

Dr. Saad said, "We are pleased to announce the success of this very delicate surgical procedure, especially after several medical institutions and facilities refused to treat the patient's condition due to the high risk posed by surgery. However, we operated using the latest medical technologies available under the supervision of a highly qualified team of medical professionals. The success of this procedure is a key addition to the many achievements of Saudi German Health reflecting the Group's state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical equipment, and expert doctors in performing complex surgeries."

"We, at Saudi German Health, provide the most advanced surgical and therapeutic services across various specialties, backed by multidisciplinary teams of high-level professionals who are qualified by the highest international standards, to meet the various health needs of the patients and provide them with comprehensive treatments. We are committed to providing our patients with the latest and most successful treatments that enable them to enjoy a healthy life while strengthening the Group's position as a leader of the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia.", concluded Dr. Saad.

The Department of General Surgery and Oncology at Saudi German Hospital Jeddah performs various advanced surgeries, such as liver transplant surgeries, heated intraperitoneal therapy for peritoneal carcinomatosis, and liver, colon, stomach, pancreatic, and biliary cancer surgeries. The department also offers breast cancer, thyroid, endocrine, and soft tissue surgeries, aside from various general surgical procedures, whether open or laparoscopic.

*The condition includes enlargement and hardening of limbs or other body parts caused by tissue swelling and may affect the genital area.