Patient Stories

Join our patients as they share their journey towards better health with the help of our expert medical team.

Mrs. Khadija delivered her daughter, Malak in Saudi German Hospital Jeddah back in 1989, and Mrs. Malak chose to deliver her baby girl, Yara, at the same hospital in 2019. Watch the heart-warming story of a grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter.

Join one of our Bariatric patients as he shares his positive bariatric surgery experience with Dr. Mohamed Elmessiry, General Surgery Consultant, and his team at Saudi German Hospital Dammam.

Exceptional healthcare does not only mean providing modern medical equipment and world-class expertise but also being able to impact the lives of people positively. Watch this remarkable story of a son's unconditional love for his mother when our hospital in Jeddah performed its 12th successful liver transplant surgery.

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