• 07/06/2023

A complicated spinal tumor removal

استئصال ورم معقد بالعمود الفقري

A complicated spinal tumor removal

A 32-year-old young man, the patient had been suffering from back pain for weeks and after the examination, the diagnosis was the presence of a complicated spinal tumor with severe spinal cord pressure, so Dr. Mohammed Al-Sufyani - Consultant of Spine Surgery for Adults and Children - decided to develop an appropriate treatment plan for the case.


It is the removal of the tumor with the removal of the tenth thoracic vertebra with Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during the operation and the replacement of the removed vertebra with a stent.

As spinal tumors cause many haunting symptoms in addition to back pain, such as; loss of sensation or muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and may lead to paralysis, the removal of the tumor is a necessary step for treatment.

It is worth noting that this type of surgery is very complex, as it requires great experience and skill from the surgeon and the updated tools used in the surgery to achieve the desired result and avoid any complications of the spinal cord and nerves, which is already what was presented to the patient by Dr. Muhammad Al-Sufyani, consultant spine surgery for adults and children, and the Saudi German Hospital, Hail.


The surgery has been crowned with success and has become a new success story that testifies to the Saudi German Health Group's excellence and quality of health care.

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